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left-hand·ed    (left'han'did)

Using the left hand more skillfully or easily than the right. Sports. Swinging from left to right: a left-handed batter; a left-handed golfer.

Done with the left hand.
Intended for wear on or use by the left hand: left-handed scissors.
Awkward; maladroit.
Of doubtful sincerity; dubious: left-handed flattery; a left-handed compliment.
Of, relating to, or born of a morganatic marriage.

Turning or spiraling from right to left; counterclockwise.
Rotating counterclockwise; levorotatory.

With the left hand.
Sports. From the left to the right: swings left-handed.

lefthandedly left'-hand'ed·ly adv.
lefthandedness left'-hand'ed·ness n.

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